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Default Re: What's Better Nowadays?

Nice start, especially the Ward stuff. I agree that for what it is, the area's getting much more interesting. It's a nice blend of stuff of local interest and visitor interest.

I think a huge improvement is the fact that we get to watch television shows on the same night as folks on the mainland. It used to be that we saw all the prime-time shows (except stuff like Monday Night Football) a week late, including the late-night talk shows. Even MTV was a week behind here.

Local coverage of local sports today is miles ahead of where it was in the late eighties, not only with UH-Manoa sports, but with other universities' programs and local high school athletics.

Still on the rise is the move toward distinguising division 1 and division 2 schools in high school sports. This gives the small schools a shot at some recognition and a more reasonably level playing field, too.
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