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Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
If not for my Groundborne Ranger Killer cats, I would have more mice and rats in my attic than I do already, and dumb birds would overpopulate my beams.

I plan to add a few more, underfed strays, to keep my rats at bay.


(so they spray, puke, regurg hairballs, etc, they don't chew through my screens to get banana peels, not eat holes in my plastic containers in the attic to see what's inside!)

CATs vs. RATS???? Cats win!!!!!!!!! And they are cuddly, as well.

BTW: There is a population of Amazon Green Parrots up near the Aiea Loop Trail, numbering in the several hundreds.
A far greater threat to Hawaiian birds than the thousands of wild cats which are well-fed by bleeding-heart liberals such as myself.
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