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Default Re: Wal-Mart: Chapter 3

I've heard that traffic wasn't that bad, especially given the grand opening. I remember what a disaster K-Mart's arrival in Iwilei was, causing gridlock for blocks. This apparently wasn't the case on Keeaumoku. (KITV noted that jaywalking pedestrians were the most notable traffic problem.) And from what I saw on TV, it wasn't noticably more crowded inside than the Mililani Wal-Mart is on a busy day.

I agree that Longs, and Longs Ala Moana, will do fine. Longs overall, because of the local affection folks have for the store (despite some iffy pricing). Their Ala Moana location specifically because... well, they do great business on tourist traffic alone. Even if that spot lost the locals to Wal-Mart, they sell enough macadamia nuts and toiletries to keep the cash registers ringing. And never underestimate the laziness of the American shopper. Sure, you could save almost 50 percent buying the same toothpaste at Wal-Mart, but if you're at Ala Moana, that's such a long walk!

Daiei, I'm hopeful for as well. In addition to the strong Asian inventory, they have a decent grocery, and a nearby residential market to serve.

Sam Sung Electronics across the street, I'm not so sure about.
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