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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Originally Posted by memorylane View Post
providing for needy in any way begets rules and regulations that don't or won't or can't be adhered to as well as you will always have the oddballs hollaring "communistic!"
My plan doesn't/can't address all the afflicted, it is aimed solely at the thousands who are willing and able to conform, maintain, and benefit for the long haul, even in the most minimal of ways. Of those many, there will be a few who excel from the opportunities provided and will lead highly productive lives that the community can benefit from, whom would have otherwise been lost.
There are so many positives from this basic act of common sense and decency, that to ignore them and the fairly easy solutions is senseless.

I stumbled upon K108's (1080AM radio) Carroll Cox and his Sunday morning show (8-10am) which focuses on local politics and injustices. Amidst all the ramblings was a rare voice of the gutter public being allowed to be heard, with listener call-ins and street people telling some very ugly first hand tales concerning the homeless and those profiteering from them.
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