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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Originally Posted by GregLee View Post
Freedom of movement under United States law is governed primarily by the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the United States Constitution which states, "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States."
Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
We, as a society (in the Land Of Aloha(?) need to do much better!
On one hand, we have droves of homeless/unemployed people from other parts of this country flocking to these islands. And on the other, we expect the governor and the very limited resources of our state to somehow solve this problem single-handedly.

It doesn't add up, folks.

Every year going back to I-Don't-Know-When, public schools would issue out these federal survey cards designed to identify each-and-every student (like military dependents) who would count towards money the DOE would get from Federal Impact Aid. It seems to me that in a similar way, our state is being over-burdened by too many freeloaders who come to Hawaii to escape the mainland weather and expect a handout while not contributing a cent to our state's depleted tax coffers.

Bottom line: Pity for the homeless doesn't build housing. Only $$$$ does. If Hawaii can't stop the homeless from the mainland entering our shores, then the federal govt. needs to step up with supplementary funding to help our state tackle this problem. We can't do it alone.
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