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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Originally Posted by Frankie's Market View Post
On one hand, we have droves of homeless/unemployed people from other parts of this country flocking to these islands. And on the other, we expect the governor and the very limited resources of our state to somehow solve this problem single-handedly.
I don't think the numbers of yearly freeloaders is all that high, maybe no different than California, and maybe even way less. And since we're Hawaii, we can expect a certain number of future dependants. But another main point towards my argument is that no matter how many underprivileged we have, doing what we are currently doing isn't really helping, in fact it's costing us more than if we just ponied up the dough to take proper care of those in need. Proactive caretaking ends up being cheaper than letting people wallow until they need an ambulance and Fire Dept. crews, sometimes for the bazillionth time, and then much higher healthcare costs are incured that our tax dollars end up paying for. This state is swimming in money, but little of it goes anywhere productive in regards to the street lifers.
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