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Default Re: now that we can see the end coming...

yeeaahh buddy, do I suddenly LOVE FOX & Friends!
if the increasing self-immolation wasn't crazy enuf we got this priceless bag of gems handed to giddy prosecutors once again by the raging oopser-in-chief which shuts down virtually everything lawyers for the trumpunk could have used as any last line of defense. you couldn't have asked for a better half hour of trigicomedy watching the FOX doucebags squirming while the asshole went ballistic interspersed with perfect interjections which enticed career of evil-ending blurts from el cheato before they just cut him off as he was jumping down yet another bottomless rabbit hole. even SNL script writers can't come up with such priceless skits, it was a beautiful thing to behold and the show has only started.
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