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Originally Posted by Kerry View Post
Thanks Ron, It's an ago thing. Me, thinking that what I have to say will make a difference, worse, that communication is about words.
Much appreciation—I'll keep brevity and simplicity in mind.
With aloha, Kerry
P.S. Are you an educator?
thx for caring and sharing, Kerry, it's great to see somebody new posting thoughtfully about important issues. I appreciate your posts, sadly my reading and comprehension has declined to Dick And Jane levels along with my willingness in a daunting read such as yours lol I'd hope others like Tun will pick up the slack to joust with you and expound on the topics you put up so someone like me can piece it all together. plainly I am not an educator but don't mind being educated, after the 6th grade in the mid '60s I went surfing and got my higher education on the streets knowing the political / justice / military system was completely corrupted and rigged against the citizenry. keep pounding away and maybe you'll make a difference around here.
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