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Default Re: Is Anyone There?

That's certainly one way of looking at it.

Another way might be (after reading through past posts) to simply conclude that site administrator having allowed forum vigilantes free reign to flame and insult members with impunity is perhaps serving a particular agenda through this site that may amount to propaganda.

I pose this question again: Is this an individually sponsored site, or is this site sponsored by C&C of Hon, or State of Hawaii $$$?

Jumping in to defend your pal who might work one or the other doesn't count. If ANYTHING, it just validates my point.

Like I said, this site has become an empty cave because the closed-minded few who were DELIBERATELY AND WILLFULLY allowed to dominate it by belittling ANY dissenting opinions, and have turned it into an echo chamber that does NOT allow free thought and honest opinionns which do not conform to the forum agenda.

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