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Smile Re: Is Anyone There?

Yep my answer to woodman to his question:

I just want to know how much City, State, or Federal dollars are currently being used to subsidize it.
ZERO. Tomago. No $$. No . Board is entirely funded by one person.

Moderators? Are we getting paid? NOPE. Never have. Never will be. Fine with that. Not much to moderate now days.

And yes, the board is more of a historical or hysterical snapshot of times gone by. You dig deep enough there are skeletons in the closet here.

As unfortunate as admin says regarding social media, the fact of the matter is that this site and many others like it that have come and gone are in the big wasteland Siberia of the internet, whereas the big sites like Facebook are the current mainstream shopping mall and loud gathering place for all topics under the sun... people find their niches there and either be happy or continue the anger that used to once dominate boards like this.

So, Hawaii Threads is what it is... a vault of old stuff, occasional posts, low traffic, no pay and continued support by the admin who pays for everything here (shared hosting with other websites he has I presume)....

And that's my story...

Queue up "Tumbling Tumbleweeds"....
I'm still here. Are you?
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