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Default Re: Is Anyone There?


That was FAST!

Four responses in less than 48 hours (...and two of 'em from the same guy). That must have taken some work, and given the lack of traffic on this sight that's gotta set some sort of recent record.

Even got a response from Admin, ...

Originally Posted by admin View Post
This message board is run entirely out of pocket by me personally.
... though it would be nice if Admin would include more clarity since "out of pocket by me personally" doesn't really hold up in legal language to succinctly describe a "private, individual citizen" as it could just as easily be uses to describe "Me personally" Director (or an employee of) the Hawaii State Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs.

Not to impugn the DCCA specifically, (pick any other Fed. State, or City bureaucracy as they may apply). It just seems rather vague.
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