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Default Re: Is Anyone There?

You can read more about our admin here:

Ryan manages a number of websites devoted to the islands, including his blog,, which one of the top five blogs in the state. Other sites include (an online forum that has seen as many as 1 million pageviews a month),,,, and
If you have live in Hawaii you will know admin from his appearances on morning news shows at HawaiiNewsNow and more recently KITV 4. He started writing a regular column in the StarAdvertiser. He is very well known and quite public about all of the geeky stuff he has done over the last 20 to 30 years I think. First ran into him long, long ago when he was running an old dial-up BBS from his parent's home on I think a Mac IIsi.

Google those. I'm too lazy to provide links. Nobody reads this board.

Again, I reiterate this board is entirely privately funded. Period. No government funds used.
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