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Default Re: The general purpose sci-fi movie thread

Originally Posted by mel View Post
Movies that used a time transit portal or general storyline:
  • Back to the Future (and its sequels)
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • Somewhere in Time - don't look at that penny!!!!!!!
  • Star Trek First Contact
  • The Time Machine (both versions)
Star Trek Generations would certainly have to be added to that list. In fact, out of all the Star Trek adventures, it had the most convoluted story dealing with time travel and alternate realities.

One very underrated movie that falls in this time portal vein is Frequency. Imagine talking to someone from 30 years ago via ham radio and altering the timeline in the process. And if you happen to be a New York Mets fan, I can almost guarantee that you'll love this movie.
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