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Default Re: The general purpose sci-fi movie thread

It's interesting, what is considered Sci-Fi and what is not. I told a friend of mine (a SF writer) that I didn't believe alternate history stories were SF, but rather fantasy, as there was no 'science' component. He argued that it really was Sci-Fi because of the involvement of different time lines and divergent universes - all quantum stuff.

I have enjoyed numerous SF movies, and I read SF short stories on a daily basis. However, nothing has touched me as deeply as "Blade Runner," based loosely on P.K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" I staggered out of Kailua's Wallace Theatre in 1982 wondering what I had just seen (in a positive way), and it is the ONE thing of which I can consider myself a 'fan.' I recognize the original release had numerous flaws, but the overall message just bowled me over.
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