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Default Re: Local TV Ads You Don't Like

Originally Posted by Amati View Post
Remington College ads continue to be an embarrassment to the students that attend the school. Are you afraid of "mean instructors" at college?? Then instead go to Remington, according to the pitchman (Tiny T.).
Any time Tiny's ads come on I either switch the channel for a couple of minutes or at least hit the mute button. You may recall the battles Tiny and I had here on HT when he was attacking Aunty Lynn, and myself and others here jumped all over him for *using* his son for his own gain.

Originally Posted by Mauibuzz View Post
That one is bad, another one that has to go is "Poncho's" My solar guy, I mean it really Blows!!!
Hate it, hate it. Took forever to figure it out. Some plumber with a wrench working on a kitchen sink. What does that have to do with a solar company? Only thing I can guess is that the kitchen sink wasn't getting hot water because the solar panels weren't affecting the water heater. Dunno. Don't care.

Originally Posted by Kaonohi View Post
Anything with Jake Shimabokuru and his smoking ukulele (or even without, as in those 'bug' commercials)! I am so sick of seing his smiling phoney face on TV, I actually change channels to avoid it. BARF! (IMNSHO)
I don't like the beatle/Beetle ad. But having known Jake for around 16 years I can tell you his smile is definitely not phony. What you see is the way he is in real life.

And here's a new one for this thread, and it's about commercials on KGMB. Did Mahlon Moore buy that channel? His voice is on around 95% of their commercials and has been for several years. I love Mahlon as a person, but dang, every KGMB commercial sounds the same!

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
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