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Default Re: Local TV Ads You Don't Like

Re: Local TV Ads You Don't Like

My newest vote: The roofing company with the Most Irritating Couple in TV AdLand. You know, that utterly stupid husband and his frustrated wife, showing them in a succession of settings being Mr. & Mrs. Idiots. I don't even remember the name of the roofing company, which shows that for viewers who are like me, the action of "I can't turn off the ad quick enough" is defeating the purpose of the ad (which should be to draw in interest in the company, not lead to "how fast can I find my remote").

[No, I don't need to be informed of the roofing company's name. It would just make me avoid them due to the irritation factor. At least this way, since I don't remember the name, it gives them at least a chance of getting my business.]
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