1. Auntie Pupule
  2. Rep. Joey Monahan
  3. Corner of King and Keeaumoku!
  4. Supporters for Rep. Karl Rhoads at Chinese New Year!
  5. Gearing up for Peter For Mayor!
  6. Chinatown Parade for Karl Rhoads!
  7. Auntie Pupule and Ed Case
  8. LT. Gov. Duke Aiona and Auntie Pupule
  9. Auntie Pupule, Mayor Mufi and Mrs. Hanneman.
  10. Gov. George Ariyoshi Auntie Pupule and Gov. John Waihee.
  11. Auntie Pupule and Dan Inouye
  12. Auntie Pupule and Senator Dan Akaka
  13. Auntie Pupule and Congressman Neil Abercrombie.
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