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  1. Anyone using Mac OSX?
  2. Friday night on the #9 Bus
  3. TiVo vs. Oceanic's DVR
  4. PDA's, Pocket PC's, Oh my!
  5. iPod & Other Digital Music Devices
  6. Flash Memory cards
  7. Review of the Aiptek DV3100
  8. Computer specs.
  9. Any good local computer stores?
  10. Phones in the 21st century?
  11. Anyone got heat related computer problems?
  12. Who do you use as your "internet connection"?
  13. For you iPod owners...
  14. Where are some local "webcams"?
  15. Cable Modem v. DSL
  16. Digital Binoculars
  17. 3rd party batteries
  18. DVD Storage Racks
  19. M.a.m.e.
  20. Advanced Placement Web Surfing
  21. What kind of cell phone/service do you have?
  22. Stop use Internet Explorer: Major internet attack in progress!!
  23. What firewall do you use?
  24. Suggestions for a laptop
  25. ATM phishing
  26. GMail tips and tricks
  27. External USB disk drives
  28. Hawaiian Air and Microsoft Flight Simulator
  29. USB flash drives
  30. Wi-Fi Hotspots?
  31. Inexpensive replacement desktop (WinPC)
  32. Game Boy
  33. Who's Really Who Online?
  34. Social Software: Good Fun or Fruitless Fad?
  35. Anyone is running Linux?
  36. Your first computer?
  37. Digital Broadcast Flag: Barrier for Consumers?
  38. windows XP SP2 Being Released soon
  39. Firefox/Thunderbird users ?
  40. Forum Software
  41. Settop TV decoder cards + Oceanic Cable
  42. Kyocera Finecam L3v digital cam?
  43. DSL Outage Adventure
  44. MPAA/RIAA vs P2P
  45. TV remote control eggs
  46. PCMCIA cordless phone card
  47. which one to get: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or 512mb of memory
  48. Cityscapes
  49. Photo printers
  50. Ut2004
  51. The iMac G5
  52. Compaq Quirks
  53. AIM chat
  54. Ftp
  55. Fans of Firefox
  56. Local computer repair?
  57. Where can I buy a CD key for XP home?
  58. Are You a Digital Pack Rat?
  59. Need help on building a computer
  60. Cheap intercom system?
  61. radioSHARK
  62. Mac-o-philes can ignore this (for now)
  63. Who's your cellular phone provider?
  64. Patches for Mac OS
  65. Slipstream XP
  66. Camera phones
  67. If you want customer service, press 6
  68. Akamai on the Internet
  69. Best digital camera
  70. File swapping without paying for use
  71. Broadband Internet
  72. CherryOS
  73. Byteware going out of business
  74. Click Off: The Ultimate TV Remote
  75. Who's getting Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas this week?
  76. DMCA & John Kerry
  77. attempting to build a computer with no knowledge base...help!
  78. DVD-R vs DVD+R
  79. Retrieving Admin passwords. Here's how...
  80. AT&T/Cingular
  81. LAN party anyone?
  82. Doing a local test in the islands
  83. Who's your email provider?
  84. Is there a place in Hawaii where there's no internet access?
  85. Verizon Online 3Mbps service
  86. What do you play your video games on?
  87. Lite-On DVD-Recorder
  88. Any place that sells bulk networking cables?
  89. Setting up a wired/wireless LAN combo is hard
  90. Exploding cell phones
  91. Browser icon
  92. printers that fax (4 in 1)
  93. Post your desktop!
  94. Don't let the Christmas grinch ruin the season
  95. Computer sale @ Heald College
  96. Cell phone recycling
  97. New flaw affects all browsers
  98. How computer literate are you?
  99. Sony VAIO or PowerBook G4?
  100. Radio charts on iTunes
  101. Sprint/Nexel Merger
  102. Friend's computer broken. HELP!!
  103. P2P Case going to the Supreme Court
  104. Blu-ray Founder Thomson Backs HD-DVD
  105. Can someone send me this video to me?
  106. Totally Tivo'd
  107. That E-Christmas card you get might have a worm
  108. Walmart.com sells $498 laptop
  109. Dish Network and interesting phone call to them
  110. OGO E-MAIL TEXT from Cingular
  111. New stuff from Mac
  112. MS anti-spyware beta
  113. Cell Phone Virus & other virus info.
  114. A good place to buy headphones?
  115. More goodies from the Internatl Electronics Show
  116. New Type of Cell Phone, Heard about it?
  117. The $55,000 furniture (includes a computer)
  118. Report from Consumer Electronics Show
  119. Anyone has a 512mb PC2700 stick of RAM I can borrow?
  120. Software/Mail Delivery question
  121. Here comes robosniper!
  122. Good Guys coming to Honolulu
  123. PayPal users beware
  124. New Patch for MacOSx
  125. Software updates only for "legit" version of Windows...
  126. Road Runner Modem....
  127. TalkStink Hacked
  128. Computer gaming
  129. Hawaii RR Speed Upgrade to 5Mbps
  130. Bringing realism to war training
  131. Do You Skype?
  132. Non IE browsers subject to phishing scams
  133. Road Runner 5Mbps Upgrade Problems ?
  134. Free anti-phishing software now available
  135. Microsoft Security Updates
  136. Symantec antivirus security patch
  137. Verizon in bidding war for MCI
  138. I remember the good ole days...
  139. Yahoo announces Firefox Toolbar
  140. hotmail dead cold
  141. IM evidence of electronic hanky pankying still private
  142. Anti-Virus Utilities on your PC...
  143. m.a.c. ; mother of all computers...
  144. Road Runner Update on Speed issues
  145. SD vs MMC flash memory cards
  146. [rant] Computer stores on this side of the isle
  147. e-cycling electronics
  148. Dell Customer Service
  149. Spyware detection?
  150. Best local computer repair/diagnosis
  151. Verizon DSL
  152. PSP: PlayStation Portable
  153. best cellular phone service for low minutes user?
  154. P2P Case at the Supreme Court
  155. Hosef
  156. Post your camera phone pics
  157. What were they thinking
  158. What's your cell phone ringtone?
  159. Is PTT a necessity for phone companies?
  160. OSX Tiger
  161. Opera browser v8 released
  162. Duh...the dumbing down of America
  163. Little radios
  164. How do you spell "Google"?
  165. Don't pirate any copyrighted music or movies!
  166. Famous Fonts
  167. Did you see outside today?
  168. StumbleUpon
  169. Unix
  170. New Search engine
  171. Minivan DVD players
  172. How long can you stay at your computer?
  173. High Tech jobs, anyone?
  174. Mixed PC/Mac networks
  175. IBM encouraging staff to use Firefox
  176. 8-bit Nintendo memory
  177. format of media news crews use?
  178. Yahoo! - A MUST READ!
  179. Welcome to the future...
  180. ATT Wireless Service
  181. Hawaii Web Hosting--Want a local server!
  182. Web site choice to visit a local news website?
  183. Video game addicts in the house?
  184. Clearwire Corporation
  185. Ipod owners rejoice: Apple settles lawsuit
  186. Power outage
  187. Apple Switching to Intel Processors
  188. Leopard is the next OS X big cat; to coincide with Longhorn debut
  189. opera lies about being named pc world best browser
  190. MSN Hot Mail Down!
  191. Microsoft Launches Acrylic Beta, New Design Software
  192. Contest to design the next gen Operating System for Microsoft
  193. can a cingular subscriber refer me & get $25?
  194. Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs
  195. recommendation for free website?
  196. DVD players
  197. Free WiFi at Ala Moana food court?
  198. Good laptop specs to start off with
  199. cingular online deal
  200. New video game showcases virtual Hawaii
  201. any unlock their cingular phone?
  202. watches in Pearl Harbor?
  203. Sony PSP: Pros and Cons?
  204. I can't believe that the state still uses DOS
  205. Any discounts for Roadrunner?
  206. Spyware and adware
  207. Need help in switching from MSN to Gmail?
  208. How many email addresses do you have?
  209. finding indexes of sites
  210. Making the Switch
  211. GTA:San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod (contains NWS links)
  212. Which cellular provider do you use?
  213. Someone (or somepeople) stealing the CPUs of computers in City Hall?
  214. DVD burners
  215. Tracing an IP address back to its source
  216. cleaning your monitor
  217. RSS Help Needed (Help a Brutha Out!)
  218. Verizon Blackberry Service
  219. OEM operating system software
  220. front mounted USB wiring guide
  221. One way to ruin a phonograph needle
  222. Verizon web mail
  223. Is i-94's website going away from the pack?
  224. Myspace ID theft
  225. Man dies after online game marathon
  226. mTropolis
  227. Panic ensues in rush for $50 iBook laptops
  228. Windows 2000 bug starts virus war
  229. Who's your tech support?
  230. Free virus scan that will repair/delete the trouble
  231. Never use a stolen camera phone
  232. Drink a soda, win an Xbox 360
  233. Any Verizon DSL people got a service outage recently?
  234. online movies/download
  235. Should I restore an old Mac?
  236. A store that sells $300 laptops?
  237. Apple iPod nano
  238. Motorola ROKR E1
  239. Easy help
  240. Microsoft Student 2006
  241. Tmobile is out in the Waipahu area
  242. Need Help Again!
  243. Modern Devices You Do Without
  244. iTunes and 3rd gen iPod: Can anyone else add music onto iPod?
  245. Headphones linked to hearing loss?
  246. Best cell phone service provider for Hawaii?
  247. Google Earth
  248. OS Wars
  249. Harddrive backup needed?
  250. Apple head attacks record firms