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  1. Wea you wen grad?
  2. Grading the Public Schools
  3. Hawaii's Schools: Maryknoll High
  4. Distant Education
  5. Surf's up for high school athletes in Hawaii after sport made official
  6. What's your major?
  7. What Would Have Been Your Alternate Major?
  8. Does anyone remember what they did for May Day?
  9. Food For Thought
  10. Sugar-free school
  11. Hawaii Prepares for First High School Surfing Teams
  12. Alcohol for thought
  13. Evan Dobelle: Fair "firing" ?
  14. How was your High school education?
  15. old school kehei boy
  16. UH Logo II: Electric Boogaloo
  17. Teachers
  18. educ. dvds on haw. culture
  19. Hawaiian Culture class
  20. Finals week next week!
  21. Hawaii's "Other" Schools
  22. Dobelle's new job?!
  23. Kam Schools admission policy
  24. Substitute teachers get pay cut
  25. The Manoa Flood
  26. State kids lack financial smarts?
  27. Did you attend your (HI) High school reunion?
  28. Baldwin High fights student tardiness
  29. Lingle proposes 163 special ed teacher cut
  30. Price of school lunches to rise by 50 cents
  31. UH tuition to go up 123%?
  32. Teacher retention rates plummet
  33. BOE wants control over troubled charter schools
  34. Principals rated by student performance
  35. Racial tensions at Radford High School
  36. "Hay Guys & Gals".......
  37. New Law reguarding soda sales
  38. Hawaii's Failing Schools
  39. Small Schools
  40. Half of our teachers to leave?
  41. Focus on Substitute Teachers
  42. Waiting on word from Kamehameha
  43. Looking to enroll...
  44. Public vs private schools
  45. They All Cheat...Sometimes
  46. Cheating on standardized tests
  47. Field of Dreams
  48. UH among 'Best Values'
  49. danger or not?
  50. Manoa v. Hilo: Hawaiian Language Programs
  51. Hawaiian students on the mainland
  52. Teacher and Students of UH sit down!
  53. Class & courses...
  54. Any local HS in the top 1,000 HS list?
  55. High school memories
  56. DOE And the Scouts
  57. Sex offender in our schools
  58. The Lord's Prayer in Hawaiian
  59. `Ôlelo Question: nui vs. loa
  60. UH-Hilo Student Government Controversy
  61. Hawaii Pacific University
  62. WTF Heald doesn't guarantee landing you a job?
  63. School dress code
  64. Tell me if this bad.
  65. Please tell me some good things about Kailua Public High School
  66. Where/how much did you spend for your school supplies?
  67. Fundraising
  68. UK Students no longer can get failing grades
  69. AThought on Kamehameha
  70. Kamehameha Schools Admissions Policy
  71. Local students duped by pharmacy school
  72. If Hawai'i kids can't do well in school, lower the expectations
  73. What if....KSBE loses it's fight?
  74. Kamehameha Schools Admissions Policy - Chapter 2
  75. Teacher salaries
  76. Grading the Public Schools - Chapter 2
  77. More Hawai'i kids in private school
  78. HPU's Subliminal Racist Marketing Campaign
  79. 20th Century Hawai'i
  80. Hawaii before the 20th century
  81. Shocking classroom antics
  82. "You Learn Something Every Day"
  83. new address for Kauai High Alumni
  84. Schools Want Their Fair Share
  85. Kauai High Homecoming 2005
  86. Tech schools
  87. Lingle wants results
  88. Punahou
  89. Banning Religious Holidays
  90. Public school calendar 2006-2007
  91. Closing Small Schools
  92. New Report Cards
  93. UH and its kuleana to the kanaka maoli
  94. Homeschooling in Cali, want to teach Hawaiian studies
  95. 16-year-old and a missile?!
  96. UHM Housing Problem. Need Advice!
  97. Any Famous Hilo High grads out there?
  98. Who to call to organize a battle of the majors competition?
  99. School Bullying
  100. Why Are Hawaii Public Schools Failing?
  101. Bare feet in schools
  102. Bringing in Drug Dogs
  103. Boogie Boarding Summer School
  104. DOE report cards
  105. Study: College students lack literacy for complex tasks
  106. DOE Questions DARE
  107. Best preschools
  108. Real School
  109. Colleges across Hawai'i
  110. Dept. of Education's Phone Directory
  111. Seeking Summer Fun for Three-Year Old
  112. Teaching in Hawaii
  113. Another one coming to Hawaii to teach
  114. What's Broken in Hawaii?
  115. School Lunch Program
  116. Kauai High 1986
  117. Wanna learn hawaiian FREE?
  118. Waiakea High Admin fire...school's out!
  119. leading the charge for education news article
  120. Students v. others in tight rental market
  121. School Aide Accused Of Sex Abuse
  122. Science vs. Creationism
  123. Summer Schools.....gone?
  124. Pepsi, Coke pledge to remove nondiet sodas
  125. No Peanut Butter at a Grammar School ??
  126. Hawaii on Student Exchange
  127. filipino Mom wants apology for son's eating habits
  128. Grading the Public Schools - Chapter 3
  129. Anyone remember Mr. Kuwada?
  130. Chain chain chain... chain of fools
  131. School Cafeteria Memories
  132. Honolulu ranks 16th in most educated cities in US
  133. Frear Hall no more... new 600 room dorm building
  134. "Mystery Shoppers" at Schools
  135. Star of the Sea
  136. Dictionary.com HawaiiThreads style
  137. 'Auhea 'oukou e na 'olelo Hawai'i e.
  138. Kamehameha Schools Admissions Policy - Chapter 3
  139. Rescinding ROTC Degrees?
  140. Preschools in Mililani, near Central Oahu
  141. School Admins Demand Access to Students' Cellphones
  142. Teaching in a public school without a B.Ed.
  143. Nine Hawaii teens win scholarship from Gates Foundation
  144. Giving back
  145. Hawaiian language project at unilang.org
  146. Holy Cow. I'm Meeting Tonight to Plan My 20th Reunion.
  147. First Day of School
  148. Worried about son's grades at school this year!
  149. Junior kindergarten
  150. Kindergarden teacher spoiled US?!
  151. Some challenges for Hawaii's public school students
  152. Textbook sticker shock
  153. Instant Immersion Hawaiian?
  154. Private school tuition
  155. please help...I'm doing bad in school
  156. BOE Lowers Standards
  157. Why is Education Important?
  158. "School of the Future
  159. Preschool recommendations in Nuuanu/Pali area?
  160. BOE fires charter schools’ Jim Shon
  161. General Info for a New Employee at Hawaii DOE
  162. Pearl City Highlands Elem
  163. Education Lab School
  164. UH’s sexual tally
  165. Kailua Football Players Arrested In Theft Case
  166. mainland junior college
  167. Student Expelled for Refusing the Tuberculosis Test
  168. Try This Logic Problem
  169. best public school districts on O'ahu?
  170. Leilehua teacher accused of selling ice
  171. Hawaii is 9th "Dumbest State"
  172. Hawaiian Names for Wahine and Kane Both
  173. Mercury Transit
  174. Charm/Finishing School
  175. Looking for PSAT Tutor
  176. I want to improve my English skills
  177. Bored with School
  178. Kids Sick in School
  179. Foreign languages that you'll love learning and why?
  180. Kamehameha Schools Admissions Policy Upheld
  181. Research on the rich
  182. Verizon Wireless doesn't know math
  183. School Mergers
  184. How do I contact Lt. Gov's office?
  185. Want an MIT education for free?
  186. Advice, please-- sub. teacher looking to go full time
  187. Tech academies-YAY!
  188. Gravitational Acceleration question
  189. Rotc
  190. ISO: college scholarship info
  191. Drug-sniffing dog pilot program in Maui school
  192. Schools for the Mililani area
  193. Anyone attend UH at Manoa?
  194. Military recruiters in Hawaii's middle schools
  195. good shepherd lutheran preschool
  196. College Comparison
  197. School Bus Drivers & Cell Phones
  198. Working with autistic children
  199. White Children In Hawaii Schools?
  200. What is happening to our athletic programs?????
  201. Kims develop online ed program for kids
  202. Teachers spend 15.5 hours at work daily
  203. HPD 155th Class graduation
  204. Did you get good grades in school?
  205. Homework
  206. How to avoid tension?
  207. Got books you want to get rid of?
  208. Testing in Kindergarten
  209. Raising bilingual children
  210. 'History of Hawaii' Textbook Indoctrinates Students with Racist Propaganda
  211. If Music is the Key of Life than RAP music...
  212. Special Education in Hilo
  213. A Question on Chants
  214. Teacher's New Contract
  215. preschool recommendations for windward side?
  216. 20/20 John Stossel's 'Stupid In America'
  217. A Class Divided
  218. John Taylor Gatto - Teacher of the Year
  219. Bard Prison Initiative
  220. Kamehameha Schools Requirements - I'm confused..
  221. Iolani team wins national economics title
  222. Donors Choose
  223. Has anyone heard about Nuuanu Baptist Preschool?
  224. What is the meaning of "haka?"
  225. Hawaiian grammar discussions
  226. What to do with a 14 year old for the summer?
  227. Translation Help
  228. Remember Dr. Wizard Wise
  229. Campus Jobs
  230. Teacher's Shower
  231. Firstborns found to have higher intelligence
  232. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
  233. A teacher's love...
  234. Proper way to type the 'okina?
  235. No low tide today!
  236. Learn Hawaiian... FREEEEE!
  237. Free online GMAT practice test
  238. Spoken Hawaiian Book Question
  239. Hawaiian Language: This is a...
  240. Feeder Preschools
  241. Get smarter while donating rice to the hungry
  242. Public schools on the North Shore
  243. HPU or UHM? Which is better for incoming Pre-Med Student.
  244. Assigned Reading: What Stands Out?
  245. real estate test prep
  246. Son suspended for up to a year for playing with BB gun at school
  247. Kamehameha in the news again
  248. Hawaiian program lacks oversight, audit finds
  249. BOE has $30M for rainy days?
  250. I remember this teacher...