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  4. How long have you lived away from Hawaii!
  5. just met 6 women from kaneohe
  6. Would you move back to Hawaii?
  7. All this freakin' snow
  8. Las Vegas Aloha Festival April 8-10
  9. Aloha from South Carolina
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  13. Army General Bans Shaka Sign in Iraq
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  17. Earth to Kimo. Come in, Kimo.
  18. Seattle... You getting pounded worst than Hilo! Need an Arc?
  19. Boston Harbor on approach
  20. Finding Locals on the mainland
  21. Coming Home for Christmas? Let Us Know When!
  22. Live Hawaiian Music in Washington State
  23. LCL vs full container shipping (Hawaii to mainland)
  24. A State Better than Hawaii
  25. Utah Here I come.
  26. Miss Oahu! Advice please..
  27. The Aloha Spirit is Alive and Well in So Cal!
  28. Polynesians in Fort Worth, Texas?
  29. Any islanders up in canada?
  30. Anybody else stuck in San Antonio, TX
  31. King's Hawaiian
  32. Aloha in my heart!
  33. Hawaiians Are Haole when on the Mainland?
  34. Arizona Aloha Festival
  35. ono grindz
  36. Zippy's in Las Vegas ?
  37. East Coast to Hawai'i container?
  38. Isle Woman (?) Molests Teen
  39. Places to eat in Amarillo, Texas
  40. French doors
  41. love to move to hawaii
  42. On Oahu, not too far from Waimea Falls
  43. Rainbows & Tribute to Israel Kamakawiwo 'Ole
  44. Hawaiian musician living in WA State passes away
  45. More on the Hawai`i / Seattle connection
  46. Hawaiians in New Mexico?
  47. Las Vegas
  48. What residents of Hawaii miss while being at someplace else
  49. The thrill of "coming home"
  50. 39 inches of snow in France?
  51. But, but, it's NOT AUGUST YET! TG, NOOO!
  52. Last Hilo Hattie Store in Cali closes Sunday
  53. And so it begins
  54. SusieMisajon, have you seen KCC's students going to France?
  55. How Do You HitchHike to Hawaii?
  56. Farewell Northwest Hawaii Times?
  57. A New Baby for Maheen Sarboulouki/Ott!
  58. Looking for Email Friends
  59. All I Want to Do...
  60. Luau, Washington DC kine
  61. Tattrat's trials
  62. Travel to Tokyo
  63. Meet Surfingfarmboy 12/11/9
  64. Susie Misajon, any contact?
  65. Missing Susie Misajon
  66. The French Neighbor.
  67. So my ex-husband's niece is carjacked in Bordeaux...
  68. Inserting keiki at Pacific University
  69. Aloha from TG and SG!
  70. Fakafiefia 'Aho Fa'e
  71. Half of my state is burning down
  72. Tonga Peace Corps 45th anniversary
  73. Hawai'i Friends Visiting
  74. Niihau Independence Movement?
  75. Barry
  76. Spawning trout
  77. Very sad to be leaving Hawaii
  78. Is cost of living really why so many move?
  79. Friends moving away
  80. DBEDT Migration Statistics: 2013-2017
  81. Military & contracting, lived there 22yrs. Left 2016 *home* to Texas