View Full Version : Removing water stains from a teak table

Fat Jeff
April 15th, 2008, 01:35 PM
I had some success with a fix and I was so stoked with the results that I wanted to share the information. So many of us here have teak furniture, and I'm sure that one or two of us have cloudy white stains on the wood surface. In our case it was caused by some hot pizza boxes that were put down on the bare table. Ugly stains that ruined the look of a pretty expensive table.

Google is my friend.

After a bunch of searching and link following I found several descriptions of the technique I used. You'll need a hand iron and a "tea towel". I started with medium heat and the towel folded into quarters (4 layers) applied direct over the stain and then the iron on top, working it side to side. Don't let the iron sit in one place for too long, keep it in motion. After several passes I turned the heat up to high and had the towel folded in half (2 layers). It took about an hour to get the five white patches off the table, but they all lifted. Seems that the "stain" is a discoloration caused by water trapped under the finish. The heat and wicking of the towel gets the water out and the finish looks great again. To finish it off I oiled the surface to bring up the shine.

Hope this can help someone else too.