View Full Version : McClain auctions

Ron Whitfield
September 26th, 2008, 03:30 PM
www.mcclainauctions.com (http://www.mcclainauctions.com)

For those looking to spend some $, there are a number of interesting items on the showroom floors at present.
They all have price tags, so I'll assume you can pick and buy instead of dealing with the auctions.

There is a large full set of awesome high class vintage wicker furniture available at very reasonable prices. And it all looks to be in great shape. This is not your typical wicker, this is high class gorgeous stuff you see in old photos of ritzy homes. They're priced individually, but maybe a better group deal could be arranged. I'd of snatched this whole set long ago if it was within reality for me.
With prices for new stuff in the stratoshere, these pieces at McClains, chairs at $200 each, are a downright steal, especially being vintage.
But you have to have a pretty swanky pad for these to fit in without being garish.