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January 4th, 2011, 11:40 PM
I’m not sure this is the correct forum but I’ll post it here and see if it gets moved.

This evening I had a guy come to the front door. He spent a lot of time talking about “working with other home owners in the neighborhood”

He was telling me that if I let him put a small sign in the yard indicating I have an alarm system they will let me have a $1000 alarm system for free. He admitted there was a catch which was 1) if the sign went missing I would tell them so they could replace it. 2) If the system was not working right I would report it so they could fix it. 3) I would not tell any of my neighbors that I got the system for free.

Now I am a skeptic from the start. I am even more skeptical of anybody that has to go door to door to sell their stuff. I am even more skeptical of alarm companies and their installers. And I am a firm believer that if something seems too good to be true it is.

So I declined his offer which seemed to surprise him.

I did not get the full name of his company but he had a shirt with a logo with a prominent 360 on it. His clip board has the 360 logo also.

I did a Google search for that and come up with nothing relevant.

I feel this is a scam and was wondering if anybody on this board has had any experience with this company or has been approached by them. Also I want to warn others about this possible scam.

January 5th, 2011, 10:46 AM
I did not get the full name of his company but he had a shirt with a logo with a prominent 360 on it. His clip board has the 360 logo also.

I did a Google search for that and come up with nothing relevant.

Did the logo look like this?

360 Alarm (http://www.360-protection.com/ResidentialServices.aspx)



Maybe you should have gotten a card....

January 5th, 2011, 11:17 AM
About 10 years ago I inadvertently broke up a string of thefts instigated by a man wearing an alarm company jacket. He was a former employee of that company and always hit on it's customers. His M.O., should the cops show up, was that the alarm went off, he was alerted and came to the scene to check it out. I'd gone to a concert that night and slept in my office instead of driving to Makaha. He didn't know that! I heard glass breaking in the store directly under my office, peaked out the window, saw the guy and called the cops. He gave them his M.O. but I saw everything. The cops kept me inside my office so the thief wouldn't be able to see me. They said these thefts had been an ongoing problem but there had never been a witness before. Interesting night, to say the least.

Follow your gut, eldo!

January 5th, 2011, 07:45 PM
Ian Lind blogged about a security business (Homeland Security) making the rounds some months ago - not sure if 360 might be related, but sounds as though their pitch may be a variation on a theme.

January 6th, 2011, 05:17 AM
He was telling me that if I let him put a small sign in the yard indicating I have an alarm system they will let me have a $1000 alarm system for free..

RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG. Run away, run far away!

January 9th, 2011, 08:21 AM
Sorry for not getting back to this sooner.

Kaonohi, the logo was similar but the 360 was entirely inside the oval and the background was a light green. I did not want to even open the screen door for the guy. But yeah I should have gotten a card and maybe taken his picture too (-:

Metapule: that is my feeling too.

Back in the early 70’s my father and I frequented an auto parts store in Kailua. Dad was friends with the owner. One day the owner was telling dad about all the break ins he had and how the alarm company always had an excuse why they did not respond to the alarm. The excuses were the leased line was down, or other equipment malfunction. But the most aggravating was when they said they had a higher priority alarm.

Dad ended up installing a home built alarm that would dial the owner’s house when it was triggered. While installing his alarm he found where some one could reach in through the louvers and jumper out a large block of their system. It was evident the alarm company was infiltrated by the thieves. Dad’s alarm was triggered every night for a month or more. The police said the thieves were trying to discredit the alarm.

I’ve never trusted commercial alarm systems since. Tutusue’s story reinforces that feeling.

January 9th, 2011, 03:13 PM
Right after we moved into our house here in Texas, I had a guy come to the door with practically an identical offer. He couldn't believe I said no- even though an alarm system came with the house. I had to just walk inside and shut the door on him because he wouldn't go away.

Frankie's Market
January 9th, 2011, 07:59 PM
Ian Lind blogged about a security business (Homeland Security) making the rounds some months ago - not sure if 360 might be related, but sounds as though their pitch may be a variation on a theme.

It's pretty much the exact same scam (http://www.hawaiithreads.com/showthread.php?t=17128) that was talked about here a couple of years ago. A door-to-door salesperson offers a "free" install of a security system to a homeowner. The service/maintenance contract then gets sold to some mainland firm that provides poor customer service. By that time, the salesperson is long gone and the disgruntled homeowner has no "live" person to voice his complaints to.

The scam is the same. The only thing different each time is the name of the company used.

Before entering into any kind of agreement with a security company, ask the salesperson for his business card or any document that contains the company's name and contact information. Check out that company's records with both the Better Business Bureau and the state Commerce & Consumer Affairs office. If any salesperson tries to high-pressure you into a "free" deal, assume the worst and tell them to leave. Think about it. If a deal for a free or very inexpensive alarm system is so good, then they shouldn't have any problems finding customers at other homes. People are catching onto this scam, and it's getting harder for them to find suckers. This is why those salespeople are so pesky and persistent,.... especially if you even so much as give them the time of day.

January 9th, 2011, 09:36 PM
If it sounds too good to be true...........;)

Walkoff Balk
January 10th, 2011, 08:56 PM
You could ask the salesman for the company's name. And then say to hold on while I'm going to google the name. If he looks at his watch and says he gotta go. It might not be a honest company.

March 16th, 2011, 02:12 PM
I received the below from a representative of 360 Security Solutions LLC, which requested it be posted in response to this old thread. I let the company know that won't be able to participate on HT, so please direct any further comments to them directly.

360 Security Solutions LLC wishes to address the members of this post and any who may come across it, as we strongly believe that it may be referring to one of our employees given the description. We sincerely apologize for any misrepresentation or miscommunication that may have taken place with thread member 68-eldo. By responding to this post it is our hope that thread readers may;

Receive adequate and accurate information regarding 360 Security Solutions.
Better understand our marketing campaigns and what we offer.
Ease any concern that may have arisen regarding our company and or our employees.

360 Security Solutions is residential/commercial security products dealer. We install and provide monitoring services for security, fire, medical, surveillance, and some home automation devices. We are security products dealers for 2 of the top security manufacturers in the nation, Honeywell and 2gig Technologies. Aside from offering our own monitoring services, a large percentage of our accounts are serviced and monitored by one of the largest monitoring stations in the United States - Monitronics International. Monitronics is CSAA 5 Diamond Certified, UL listed, and recently was awarded the North American Alarm Monitoring Residential Security Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan.

360 Security Solutions Corporate office is located just outside of Salt Lake City in Woods Cross, Utah. We currently service the states of Utah, Hawaii and Arizona. We have local employees and service technicians in each respective market that we service. You can visit our BBB report and find that we have 0 complaints and have a B rating due to length of time in business. As a newer company we are striving to create and retain a good reputation in each local market that we service, it is our hope that we have provided a sufficient amount of information regarding our company. If you have any questions regarding our company, please visit our website at www.get360security.com, or call 1.877.783.7292.

Door To Door - Door to Door marketing campaigns have been done by countless numbers of companies throughout different industries all over the world. Unfortunately due to dishonest people and scams throughout that time, it can at times have a bad connotation. At 360 Security Solutions we have found that we can provide customers with the necessary amount of security for their home by performing on site evaluations and customizing a home system to fit their needs. When we run a door to door advertising/marketing campaign, we eliminate high costs of advertising campaigns via television/radio and are able to provide the customer with a superior system at a much more affordable price. When we run our door to door campaign which we have recently been doing throughout the island of Oahu, we offer the following. If the home owner will agree to advertise our yard sign to increase company awareness in their area, we offer the following:

free equipment (basic package - 3 doors, 1 motion detector, 1 wireless key remote)
free installation
$99 activation fee
36 month monitoring agreement.

Often times when you call a security company for a quote or bid you may often spend several hundred to thousand dollars for your initial equipment and installation fees. We are currently using the most advanced technology in the industry (see website - Products - 2gig), and will still offer a more affordable setup than most companies.

Because door to door can cause suspicion and raise concern with homeowners, we strive our best to ensure our employees present themselves with company branded apparel and with name badge that includes a corresponding employee ID #. We have created a rep verification tool on our website where any of our employees can be searched and identified. We update this website as often as possible. If you ever have a question or concern regarding a 360 Security employee or our practices, please contact us immediately.

360 Security Solutions