View Full Version : Good/bad Service rants/raves

August 12th, 2004, 08:43 PM
Doncha luv it when servers come by and ask:
"you still working on this?"
One has the image of heaving, sweaty bodies shoveling food into a huge orifice.
No, I am not working. I am off work for the time being and and enjoying leisure time. Or at least trying to.
Some even are in the process of grabbing your plate while asking this inappropriate question.
Roy's and sometimes Compadre's has servers who come by I swear; at bout every 45 seconds saying:
"everything all right?" get choo sumpin else?" "how's errything?"
and of course, interrupting the conversation.
One server at compadre's even asked me
"Still working on this"
while I was obviously in the middle of my lunch! more than a half full plate.

Folks at azteca in kaimuki are great. Family owned. Good service.
Zippy's (hawaiikai) is good in service and food - fast and helpful.
many waitstaff are very congenial and makes for a good visit.

and what of that habit of asking:
"do you need change back?"
are they trying to save a trip or looking for a bigger tip?
If I were GM of these restaurants, i would train da keeds; Just take the change back to them and accept what is left when they leave.
"Serve for the customer's convenience and comfort level, not yours!"

Chachacha is good healthy food and good service. The owner is a charmer. Love what they have done to the place.
But sometimes you get the dumb clerk routine:
now and then I get a tamale plate:
tamale beans and rice.
One day, wanted tacos which of course they have.
I asked for a taco beans and rice.
the reply;
"tacos don't come with beans and rice."
instead of getting me what i wanted, which they have on the menu, albeit ala carte.
I sometimes wonder about asking;
"do you want to sell your food, or would you rather tell me I am wrong?"

Some servers, I dunno why; are not trained to get the customers what they want. Just to memorize the combos on da menu I suppose. and not think past that.
It's like a previous post:
someone wanted a particular size bowl;
"we don't have that size"

time was years past in the restaurant biz, we were all trained to:
Never say "we ran out of that"
say " that's not available at the moment but may we suggest... it's similar" or it's "very good"
or whatevah. just gettem what they want. or they will spend their hard earned money at a more accomodating establishment.

ah well.