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Missouri Mama
March 22nd, 2005, 07:47 AM
Hi everyone!

I have to snicker at myself after writing that title. The concept of wanting to "garden" in hawaii sounds somewhat silly considering the spectacular surroundings. How on earth can a person "improve" upon perfection?

I know we can't....but, ask about gardening in Hawaii from the perspective of helping to nurture & perhaps re-establish endangered plants.

I'm an avid gardener where I live. I've been replacing our rundown property (unappealing turf) with extensive gardens...will have over 200 varieties of tree, bushes, herbs & flowering plants this year. That's not much by some standards, I know. I have been working on it (some varieties, before we moved here) for a number of years. It has taken me a long time to build up my seed stocks and varieties through harvesting, selective breeding ...and trading with others of like mind.

I've seen mention around the net of some movement to save native plants. Is anyone on here, him/herself involved in this? If/when we ever get to realize our dreams of moving to your beautiful islands, I would like to help contribute to this work.

Does anyone have any links to sites or books that could guide me in native species, growth habits and etc and so on? I'd really like to start learning...it's gonna take me awhile to absorb the new info., no doubt. I saw mention once of some native plants (and like an idiot didn't save my link) and the names/nomenclature totally blew my mind. Just when I thought I was getting somewhere with the latin & common naming with what I'm growing....YIKES!

Any input would be appreciated. I really, REALLY thank everyone for their time!!

Gotta go...got a new project I've GOT to get graphed out today. :)