View Full Version : Broke Da Mouth Kine Snacks

May 6th, 2005, 09:44 PM
Remember those "Li Hing Mui" days? ... What about that small red balls made out of coconut?. And who can forget that all too famous "Crack Seed". :)

Waite ... waite. Bet I can make your mouth watery with those ever eye squinting, Lemon Peels. :D

Ok ... ok thats enough teasin' ... here's the place fo get your ono delicious broke da mouth line snacks.

Click Here (http://www.cybersnacks.net/index.html)

Oh by the way, I no work fo them or in anyway affiliated with them, I just wanted to pass this along so you all know where to get your island favorites.

Just sharin' .... Aloha!

Bruddah Rus