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June 9th, 2005, 07:13 AM
I'm no green thumb, so it was with some trepidation and misgiving that I purchased two small antheriums for a Honolulu Symphony fundraiser. The people selling them said things like, "easy to care for!" and "just water them!" and "they'll stay the size of their pot!"

It's for a good cause, so ok, whatever, they were pretty plants, my condo needed some greenery. I did some research on the Internet for further info on their care, and all I could really find was that the soil needs to be kept moist, that it's better to underwater than overwater, and that they like indirect sunlight. (Basic stuff.)

I've been watering them by touching the soil to see if it is moist and watering if it feels dry to touch. (I read somewhere that they should be watered until the bubbling "drinking" noises stop, but that seems a bit too much water to me, so I just water and listen to the bubbling but give what I think is appropriate water amounts.) I've also been keeping them near a window behind a sheer panel of window drapes.

Since then I've noticed that some of the leaves are turning first a light green, then yellow, then appear ever-growing brown spots getting wider until the leaves die. At the same time, there are plenty of new leaves sprouting, all in that lighter green color, but no flowers. In addition, the flowers dried up and fell off. Any advice on what's going on and what I could to to improve the condition of my antheriums?

Is it not enough water? Too much sun? Too much water? Lack of nutrients? Should I be removing any leaves that appear somewhat brown or should I continue to wait until they die completely and then remove them?

If I can find a way to post a picture of them, I'll try to do that later...

Thanks in advance as always for any help you can provide!

June 14th, 2005, 06:01 PM
It's true about the indirect sunlight. From what I remember, my grandma used to grow these under the shade of a greenhouse screen material. I also notice that they grew very well in a forest setting under the canopy of the trees.

I dunno some plants just aren't cut out to be house plants and I think anthuriums would fall into that category (I could be wrong though). My wife bought one that was growing on a piece of lava rock. It never really grew or flowered, it just looked like some plant growing on a piece of lava...I forgot to water it one day and it died .:(