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September 3rd, 2005, 06:59 AM
Anybody remember Orangeade? I used to drink quarts of the stuff when I was a small kid. They discontinued production sometime in the late 60s or early 70s (I think) because those little cans used lead solder (hmmm...maybe that's why I'm defective :eek: ).

Anyway, I recently stumbled across Minute Maid's Orange Tangerine Light fruit flavored drink (only 15 cals per 8 oz. glass). Stuff tastes almost exactly like the Orangeade I used to drink as a kid. Hopefully, places like Safeway in Hawai'i have it in stock. Minute Maid is a Coke product, so if Safeway doesn't carry it, I'm sure if there were people asking for it locally, they would start carrying it.


September 3rd, 2005, 07:50 AM
As seen on another thread:

The Exchange goes round round round and down down down in your tum tum tum. Makes your mind go yum yum yum that an oragneade called exchange...