View Full Version : Hawaii Kai Bale

October 26th, 2005, 11:41 AM
The other day I went in to get a couple of tuna sandwiches on the French bread rolls. That's about all they do right here. The pho is skunky. I'm never happy with their plates except for the spring rolls.

Anyway, I walk in and no one is there. But I'm hearing this heavy breathing kinda sexy thing going on. So I pick up my keys and drop them on the counter, expecting someone to come running out of the kitchen straightening their clothes or something. I mean that sweet gal is always pregnant, right? LOL.

She does come out, not pregnant, and apologizes. The sound continues... I place my order and I'm so freaked out. I swear someone is having sex right there!

Then I see it. Low and behind the counter she's got the TV on and it's one of those anime cartoons--you know where there's someone climbing out of a burning car or up a mountain and they're breathing all hot and stuff?

I thought it was hilarious when I discovered what it was. Maybe I should be ashamed of myself for thinking it was sex! I suggest next time you watch anime, that you listen and not watch. It's a bit erotic! mmmmm! mmmph!