View Full Version : Another OH to HI

March 22nd, 2006, 06:11 PM
I am currently in the planning stages to move to Hawaii.

I currently split my time between Ohio and Illinois and am hoping to make a move to Honolulu in the middle of 2007. I just turned 29 last week and maybe I am in a mid-mid life crisis but all I can think about is moving away from here to the Islands.

It shouldn't be a hard move for myself as all of my immediate family have passed on(no one to miss if/when I move away), I have a good amount of $$ saved up(can afford to move and get settled in), and I have no aspirations of making a fortune(don't mind making less than I currently do), just enough to get by.

Just wanted to say aloha. Reading this forum has thus far been very informative and I will continue to look here while I plan and make my future become a reality.