View Full Version : Opinion of Stuart Anderson's at Ward?

June 8th, 2004, 02:44 PM
Yay? Nay? Haven't been in awhile.

June 8th, 2004, 03:03 PM
Haven't been there in a while, but I'd say yay. If it's not out of the way, I think the SA in Waimalu is much better. Crappy parking though (worse than Ward). Lunch or dinner?

I still stick to my guns that Stuart's have great caesar salad.

June 8th, 2004, 03:30 PM
Thanks! This is for lunch with the office gang.

June 8th, 2004, 03:35 PM
I love Stuart Anderson's. One of the better restaurants that still doesn't entirely mind if you bring kids. (As long as they're not terribly noisy kids.) It's on the short list of places we go for "special events," and while we're big fans of the meat -- any meat, really -- there we're looking forward mostly to the big honkin' brick of a chocolate brownie they serve for desert.

Never been there for lunch, but can only presume it's still a good bet. Enjoy!

Glen Miyashiro
June 8th, 2004, 04:19 PM
Stuart Anderson's is definitely the steakhouse to go to if you have kids. The really tall sides on the booths can muffle a lot of noise. And the food's good, although I wish their vegetables were more interesting. But hey, it's a steakhouse, right?