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  1. Haven't seen you on the threads I inhabit of late. Just wanted to drop you a tip.

    Do you do "investigative journalism?"

    DLNR. William J. Aila, Jr., Chairperson is alleged to have hired a person for a high-ranking position. Problem is, the guy only has a GED, he's unqualified for the position - however, he is Hawaiian. This person is alleged to have hired two other unqualified Hawaiians for important positions. I don't have names or places, just second-hand allegations. I suppose a reporter could go in saying they wanted to do an op-ed piece or something on DLNR, and get the names and qualifications of medium-high ranking newbies, and expose their chicanery instead.

    Up to you. I'd like to see your byline in print.

  2. See the above message.
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