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  1. I heard that there is some trouble in Paris - Muslims blocking streets and sidewalks while praying, people unable to access stores or houses without stepping on them. What have you heard?

    I posted a link on HT, but nobody commented! I wonder if they are all fed up with mne and everybody has me on 'ignore.' Maybe I have to go away for awhile.
  2. Susie, your mailbox is full. Please let us knowhow you are doing.

  3. SUSIE!@!!

    YOU want Mandarin Orange seeds or no?

    I got them ready to ship. only $1.44, let me know.
  4. Thank you dear, we are checking out today, I get the same from Barry's phone.
    Don't know what to think - he's about my age (62) so, who knows?
    2 Busy now to call you back, get back 2 U later. XOXO - Merci
  5. I can't get through to your hotel...can you confirm the number? Barr's phone sas it's temporarily unavailable.

    Call me in france, if you can...00 33 559383663
  6. "Real close! Come and visit a ticket with Ryan Air to Biarritz or Pau."

    Maybe next time. We are concentrating on London and S. Ireland this trip, but we love France and Michelle loves Italy, so we'll be back soon.
    Our last trip in Fr. was in Provence - I almost could have stayed....

    If you keep it between you and me, our family name is Xxxxxxxxxx. I prefer the original spelling, X'Xxxxxxxxx, but my spouse is more Americanized, so we use Xxxxxxxxxx. Anything for Peace... no?
  7. Close... Distances in Hawaii, Mainland USA and Europe are all relative....

    We'll be planning a trip to France and Italy soon, maybe 2011... can you wait till then? We want to gove Ireland its due this time around.
    We have already spent time in Provence, so visiting your corner will be welcome.

    (In Hawaii, driving 20 miles is a 'major drive!' In US West Coast, 400 miles is a "day trip." East Coast, so crowded, esp. New England, 15 miles is a long way. It's all relative!)
  8. Real close! Come and visit a ticket with Ryan Air to Biarritz or Pau.

    We live here:
  9. We will be in Ireland July 2009. How close is that to YOU?
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