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  1. Meet up in Oct in Shefield with Tattrack/Jo. Short flight and you are welcome.
  2. On my way to meet Ed and Michelle in London > 30th July p.m. All booked, done and dusted.
  3. Hi Susie, I got none of that and 'cause your PM.s are full,,, I can't get back to you.
  4. 07804 596 586. Call or text if you have probs.
  5. Have a little look > it may interest you..

    Breadmaker Recipes from the Household Management Recipe Collection
  6. Hi Susie,

    Thanks for the reply. My cooking has never bred envy in others. lol

    However, I hope you will enjoy this vid. I played sessions guitar at the lonestar Buddy Holly Convention in 1991. You can't miss me ! My eye glasses are tucked down my shirt and I am right next to Paul McCartney and the Crickets.

    Yup Suzie, I was brought up as a Catholic in France (Now -non practigon) I helped for a while in the baths in Lourdes as a Brancardia. (Just means a helper of sick people,)

    You flatter me to say the when I write in French, it's good. I make tons of spelling mistakes but my spoken French is good.

    As a sessions guitarist, I got to play in many places on Oahu. I rented an apt off McCulley,,, Lime Street. Then played in places like Kelly O'Neils in Lewars,,,, etc ,,,etc. Hope these bring back memories ?.
  7. Dare I send you a recipe and a story which you probably already know ?

    As a child in France, I had lots of relatives in the Basque Country across the bay from Brest.


    The story goes that in Pays Basque, a farmer had to leave his young daughter, in their cabin, high in the mountains whilst he took the sheep and goats to the village for sale. He could not return as they were cut off by snow.
    The young girl was very hungry,,, but suddenly her fairy God Mother arrived,
    The Fairy God mother scoured Spain and France to find which delicalies were special between the regions. She came back with such goodies as Quail eggs, Wild Rice and sea food. (I am sure you will know the other ingredients.

    She made a meal for the young girl ,,, Just for her... Para Ella.

    Paella X
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