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  1. Thanx for the note!
    You must now my friend's Kaleo Wood Byrd and Donna Miller (when she's here on vacation) who also do volunteer work there, on only Tues. I believe.

    Yes, I can imagine the Palace/Place admins. have a very hot coconut wireless on these matters. It'd sure be nice to see it where it belongs. But I was shocked to see it being auctioned.

  2. Hi Ron - I don't know if you are aware but I used to be a docent at `Iolani Palace and have connections at Washington Place. Both places are very aware of which artifacts are out there and how much they would cost. Both curators stay right on top of these auctions/sales. and most who have the items will offer them to the Palace or WP first, before putting them up for sale other places. It's a very tight world for these artifacts. Most still around have been located and are monitored for availability. If necessary - fund raising is conducted to purchase items and most change hands with little fanfare. I hope this helps your concerns. and thank you for being aware of these things.
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