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  1. Ka`onohi - Conventional? No
    Ka`onohi - Social Orientation: Social Avoidance.
    Ka`onohi - Working on issues? IT'S ABOUT TIME!

    Friends? Better than enemies.... Ya seem like a nice person. Your avatar is... stimulating, even kinda cute!
    Plus, I'm good at covering backs, especially for friends.
    Someone recently PM'd me and called me a curmudgeonly old fart. OK, they are right.
    My wife says I'm the kindest person she even met.
    Frankie's Market (the former Bob Jones of TV fame) has a different opinion than anyone else about me.
    I talk (write) too much (a frustrated English Major).

    Thank you for accepting me as your friend.
    May you never regret the choice.

    | That was FUN for me!

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