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  1. Hiya!!
    You want to adopt a dog? That's awesome!! There are lots of dogs on Oahu that need love and care. I'll definately help you out with that. For a start, check with the local Humane Societies and the Society For Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    And about local restaurants and'll just have to get here to see!! I'll show you around, and maybe we can get Surlygirly to play hooky from work one or two days. Yay!
  2. Hello! I'll soon be in Honolulu and looking to adopt a dog or two..we'll see. I was wondering if you've heard of any good rescues/shelters to adopt from?

    Also, what restaurants would you recommend? Places to go/see? I messaged surlygirly and she mentioned you might have more info for me !
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