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  1. You're so funny.

  2. Hello lady, The excitement is building up which is why I send these posts to you and not on the forum.. Kanonhi sends me many PM's. His lady must have packed/unpacked her suitcase many times.
    They will be here in Europe in a few weeks and my advice was to bring an empty case because everything here is cheaper than the islands. Yet ! who can tell a woman anything when she has got it into her mind to ,,,,what to take with her on hol. lol
  3. Hello Lady. No Idea where to post this and so I am sending it to you to pass on. A few years ago I bought a ukelele in the International Market and it now lives in England with me. The little Chinese lady who sold it to me said it was made out of precious Hawaiian wood ( the name I have forgotten.)
    My party piece is now *Tiny Bubbles.* Hope it gives you a smile and you can pass it on.
  4. Many Happy Returns from across a couple of puddles.
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