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  1. how do i get a pic by my name on here i cant figure it out
  2. thanks it was kinda a stupid question but had to ask lol thanks you though. i definitallty will check the movie out
  3. There is only ONE HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE. New movie out "Princess Kaiulani" go watch. It's Hollywood but get original songs and the scenes are from Hawaii. The Iolani Palace is real.
  4. is there a set hawaiian language or is it made up of diffrent languages.....that might be a stupid question but im new to this lol im half hawaiian but i dont no my dad or his side of the im trying to figure this all out with help from other ppl
  5. thank you so much
  6. Cassie – Kakie
  7. would you happen to no how to say an spell cassie in hawaiian
  8. Aloha and thank you for adding me as your friend! Love and ALOHA, 1stwahine aka Auntie Pupule
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