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    Did you know...

    This forum software also lets you include and attach pictures (as well as other files, including PDFs) with your messages! Images can be up to 100k and 600 pixels in size, either wide or high (the system automatically generates smaller thumbnails for inline display). Other files can be up to 50k in size. Neat, huh?

    However, you can have only up to 1MB of attachments uploaded at any given time (and that's quite a bit of space, subject to change). As you reach this limit, you'll have to go back and remove attachments from your older posts.
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    Re: Images in Posts!

    In addition to attaching images to posts - that is, uploading an image file to our server to have it served out to other members - you can also insert images by "calling" them from another website in your message.

    To do this, in the message editor, just click the yellow "pyramid" icon () and enter the address to the image on the other site.

    Since inserted images aren't processed by the system, be sure to pre-size your images to fit the forum. (If you use a photo hosting site, they should automatically provide you with a thumbnail version of your images.) Inserting a JPEG straight off your four-megapixel digital camera will post a photo far larger than the average computer monitor. We recommend a maximum longest-dimension size of 400 pixels. You can always make your image a link to the full-size image if detail is important.

    More importantly, be sure to only insert images from sites you control -- for example, from your personal website or online gallery. If you insert, for example, a giant Harry Potter image from a random Harry Potter fan site, we'll be engaging in "bandwidth theft," as it is their server and wallet that's impacted for the benefit of our members. As remote images are downloaded every time someone views the thread or message in which they are posted, this can cause a substantial load on the originating site... and lead to us getting a nasty message, or the stolen image replaced with a graphic depiction of some shocking activity.

    I would recommend that you attach images rather than inserting them, unless you've got a site and robust webserver of your own. If you do want to point people to an image on another site, simply provide a hyperlink to the page on which it appears - so the site can benefit from the viewership when your readers click over to look.