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New topic area for outdoors/environment?

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  • New topic area for outdoors/environment?

    Hey Ryan,

    I have noticed that there isn't really a topic area that is about things like outdoor recreation (that isn't organized sports), the natural world, and environmental issues. The closest is The Laboratory, which sounds too technical, or maybe just Mixed Plate. And environmental stuff usually goes into the political areas like Hawaii Hall or The American Asylum, though they often don't quite fit. How about creating a new topic area for this kind of stuff? I suggest the title:

    Out in the 'Aina
    Living and playing in the great outdoors

    What do you think?

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    Re: New topic area for outdoors/environment?

    We've had a couple of threads that might fit the category, so it's definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

    What I generally do is this: I take a broad look at the kinds of threads that end up in the "none of the above" Mixed Plate forum. If I see a tendency for active threads to develop about one general area or another (say, lots of talk about "pets" or lots of discussion of "underwater basketweaving"), I create a new forum to foster those conversations.

    So go ahead and start your "outdoors/environment" thread in Mixed Plate (if it doesn't fit in Politics or another existing area). If it sparks a swarm of similar conversations, we'll build out a new corner of the site... and "Out in the `Aina" sounds like a great name for it.