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A new HT milestone

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    Re: A new HT milestone

    Shoot...I got requested to come join.

    I was doing the east coast spoilers for american idol on the advertiser's forum when Jasmine was in the running. A couple of folks asked if I'd mirror the posts here because the other site was doing the over traffic crash-n-burn.


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      Re: A new HT milestone

      Originally posted by helen View Post
      ...Just to be clear, that 11,000 members are the number of user names that are in the roster of users. Out of that number 4,294 users are registrated and have the ability to post within
      Wow, that's interesting statistics.
      So, 4,294+ at this time can post. That's a lot!
      We're a neat mixed bag of people, plenty of opinions on various topics, friends, etc.

      Happy Holidays everyone!
      Life is either an adventure... or you're not doing it right!!!


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        Re: A new HT milestone!

        Originally posted by Kaonohi View Post
        Will we have had 12,000 applications by 12/12/12?
        Congratulations to Ryan and everyone -- we hit the 12,000 member list this morning!!!

        That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.