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Sought if Not Found: April 2005

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  • Sought if Not Found: April 2005

    Why not delve into the server logs of to see just what people are looking for when they end up here? If you're curious, here are the search queries that lures folks in -- whether or not we've got anything they're actually looking for. The numbers in parenthesis are the search term's rank in March:

    1 (2): "avatar the last airbender" (11: "avatar: the last airbender", 13: "avatar the last airbender pics")
    2 (--): "makino chaya" (15: "makino chaya mililani")
    3 (3): "hawaii threads"
    4 (--): 'beetle nut"
    5 (--): "tiger bugs"
    6 (--): "kathy muneno"
    7 (--): "kalakauan"
    8 (1): "dog the bounty hunter"
    9 (--): "bethany hamilton"
    10 (8): "north shore fox" (19: "north shore on fox")
    12 (--): "peter boy kema"
    14 (--): "well patch commercial"
    16 (17): "hawaiian telecom"
    17 (--): "stupid factory"
    18 (--): "osx tiger bugs"
    20 (--): "mcdonalds mcdeals"

    FWIW, I ran the report a little late, so it's skewed in favor of stuff posted this week. I'll try and catch May's stats at the end of the month. Yet again, searches for "hawaii threads" to find ranks high! And it looks like we really should have more to say about "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

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    Re: Sought if Not Found: April 2005

    Well, OK. Since I was the one to post about Avatar, I guess I should write a followup article.

    Added: Wow, this site's #13 on Google for that string. Who'da figured?
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      Re: Sought if Not Found: April 2005

      Makino Chaya (and variations) is the most-referred phrase for the Village Idiots, too. Someone call Makino Chaya's management and do a website pitch!
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