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Mailbox gets full... any sort of warning?

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  • Mailbox gets full... any sort of warning?

    Admins... is there any way that there could be a warning sent to HT users warning that there mailbox is getting close to being filled?



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    Poll needed - I vote NO

    I strongly oppose any warning that adds an additional message that will fill my mailbox. I know how to add and subtract. Any warning should be optional and by subscriptional consent, IMHO.

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      Re: Poll needed - I vote NO

      Then I will continue to write my PM's to you in public when your mailbox does become full.

      thank you for allowing me to do that tuNnL!

      As you were the prime target of my admin request!


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        Re: Mailbox gets full... any sort of warning?

        Do not post to public threads items that belong in Private Messages. If there's someone with whom you need to have easy contact, arrange to exchange e-mail addresses. And if someone's rejecting your messages via the Ignore feature, just take the hint.

        Apart from those that periodically see the glitch reporting that they have 65,000 or so Private Messages, you will see at the top of every page an indicator of how many messages you've got sitting in your Inbox. There's no excuse for not leaving some room in there, as there's also a bar-style indicator inside the system showing you, in simple terms, how much space you've got left.

        Depending on your settings, you may get an e-mail notifying you that your Inbox is full and telling you who tried to send you a Private Message, but it'd be up to you to make contact -- after clearing out some space, of course.

        You probably don't even need your Sent Items saved, so be sure to clear that out regularly. If there are any messages you want to save for posterity, save them locally.