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  • Aloha from Aloha Politics and other stuff ...

    I am planning to become more active in local politics during the coming cycle and would like to let Hawaii folks know that Aloha Politics exists.

    Also I have a new project at that uses group software (soapblox) and I would like to open the site to the Hawaii and Pacific community as another resource for interaction and communication. But, in reality I can't make it happen without help so I need help and would like to talk to other folks interested in sharing the responsibilities with me. I'm on Kauai, but would like to speak with folks from the other islands or around the world that might be interested in helping/sharing/managing this project.

    My political profile and presentation although I feel reasonable, is especially progressive and far lefty and pretty brutal sometimes. I've often thought it might be interesting to get an opposite but reasonable viewpoint ala point-counter point.

    Much of the hits and page views I get are generated by my postings on Daily Kos and the European Tribune and elsewhere. Incidentally, the Hawaii Daily Kos rss thread is under utilized and a powerful voice for our local community.

    If anyone is interested in talking to me about this project, please email me at and we can exchange phone numbers, or if you are on Kauai, perhaps have acupa.

    One last thing. Link exchanges and if you want me to list your blog on my Hawaii blogs page or want to correct an out of date link, please email also.

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    Re: Aloha from Aloha Politics and other stuff ...

    E Keoni e,

    Aloha a e komo mai! Pehea 'oe i keia la? Maika'i loa au, mahalo. I hope you enjoy yourself here and make some hoaloha. We got plenty of people here who support the culture of the 'aina, including myself.

    A hui hou!