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    Re: Aloha HawaiiThreads!

    That was a great post, Craig. Sage advice.

    fwinter, to start a thread introducing yourself go to this page

    Very close to the upper left hand corner you'll see a tab "New Thread"

    Click that and on the page that turns up put a title in the title box and introduce yourself like you did here in the main box and some more people will likely drop in and say hello.

    In respect to schools, other board members will have good input. You could also go to

    I think it costs a minimum of $19.95 for a week long usage, but it's got ratings for school quality, nature of neighborhoods, etc for most if not all Oahu Communities.


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      Re: Aloha HawaiiThreads!

      Originally posted by craigwatanabe View Post
      [...]Remember you were drawn to the islands for a reason and that's because Hawaii offered something that was lacking in where you're from. Why would anyone want to bring what they want to leave behind with them?

      This is the time to leave the attitude, emotional baggage and other negatives that made you want to leave where you're from, and come with a blank slate and start a new life.[...] unwittingly bring up a good point, CW. Fwinters doesn't state the reason why they're moving to Oahu. There's obviously a 3rd person involved so, possibly, the move is due to work and not necessarily to desire. Still, you offer some good advice.


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        Re: Aloha HawaiiThreads!

        Hmmm... Where is Fwinters? If he comes back, I have a ton of useful info on moving here that I "accidentally" accumulated lately.
        Also, if he's concerned about schooling, I would always recommend private school, and I'm so happy that he is concerned about getting his children a good education.
        Hope to see you on a new thread Fwinters! I know I had many problems figuring out how to post stuff my first few days. Thanks to Helen for reposting my out of place posts! I'm just not that computer savvy I guess! But make a new thread, or pm me.
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