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Moving from Florida to Hawaii in June

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  • Moving from Florida to Hawaii in June

    Hey everyone,
    My name is Matthew and I am moving to hawaii come june 10th. I was lucky enough to meet a guy through who is going to allow my girlfriend and I to stay with him for a week when we get there so we can find an apartment. We plan to have around 5 grand saved up by then. Does anything thing I wont be able to manage off that? Well I am completely open to any suggestions or help from anyone.

    We will be looking for a 1 bedroom or studio under the 1 grand mark so if someone knows a place available around that time please let me know.



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    Re: Moving from Florida to Hawaii in June

    Which island?
    In what area does the dude live?
    Do either of you have a job lined up?
    Keep in mind when you rent you'll need first month and a matching security deposit. 5K doesn't leave much after that. I'd double that amount, at the very least. I usually advise a minimum of 6 months living expenses.
    Mandatory, in my book, is enough buckaroonies stashed out of reach to pay for one way tickets back to the mainland should things not work out. Those tickets are very expensive right now.
    Please check the HT archives as there's a ton of info.
    Good luck!


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      Re: Moving from Florida to Hawaii in June

      hey tutusue. Oahu is the island of plan and is where David( guy) lives. I dont have a job lined up yet but have over 2 years in experience in accounting so I dont think I will have a big problem getting a basic accounting job. Also me and my girl will be sharing a studio so I think between us we could handle the bills. Ya and on the tickets I see tickets will be around 500 - 600 a person one way there so I actually have separate money saved for plane tickets so the 5k didnt include that.


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        Re: Moving from Florida to Hawaii in June

        Aloha and welcome to Hawaii Thread Matthew! Glad to have you here! Keep on posting.
        Aloha Kakou, maluhia a me aloha mau loa (Hello everyone, peace and love forever)


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          Re: Moving from Florida to Hawaii in June

          Alooooooo-haaaaaaaa! E komo mai! Pehea 'oe?

          'Ae, do keep posting!

          Maybe you'll meet Alana when you move!

          Florida and Hawai'i are both wonderful states! Love them both.

          Have a great day!