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Just moved to Hawaii - Got questions? I've got answers (Maybe)

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    Re: Just moved to Hawaii - Got questions? I've got answers (Maybe)

    Originally posted by owensct View Post
    Hope this helps.
    It does! Thank you! QEII is an interesting option, but I really wouldn't like to see my dogs cooped up for so long. This has become an quite a dilemma for me. I wish I had moved back before the flying rules became more strict.


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      Re: Just moved to Hawaii - Got questions? I've got answers (Maybe)

      welcome to hawaii
      stay forever young


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        Re: Just moved to Hawaii - Got questions? I've got answers (Maybe)

        owensct, thanks for being so open. As I analyze your situation, your cost of living has stayed about the same overall - 16% raise balanced by $2,600 plus $175 utilities against $1,500 mortgage and $900 utilities seems like overall, about a wash. Your cost of living has gone up about 16% is balanced by a 16% increase in salary, therefore you are breakeven. I realize that $900 utility bill in the SJV is only during the summer, but I am generalizing.

        On the flip side, your quality of life has gone up immeasureably! Good for you. Statisically people in Hawai'i live longer than mainlanders because of that quality of life.

        Live long and prosper, my friend.
        Peace, Love, and Local Grindz

        People who form FIRM opinions with so little knowledge only pretend to be open-minded. They select their facts like food from a buffet. David R. Dow


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          Re: Just moved to Hawaii - Got questions? I've got answers (Maybe)


          I suspect your right in general it stayed pretty close to the same.

          However, one thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post is that while my company did pick up part of the cost of moving we did have to put a lot of things on the credit cards, both for the move and to replace things that we did not bring with us, (couch, beds etc) which did increase my monthly outgo some.

          My point here is that if your situation permits, save money for the move, (unfortunately I only had 3 months notice) it will cost more than you think unless you only bring what you can get in a suitcase.

          My three rules of projects apply in this case

          1. It’s going to take longer than you think
          2. It’s going to cost more than you think
          3. Plan to bleed, (either literally, metaphorically or both)

          If (When???) we find a place of our own I suspect our mortgage will go up (3K or more) and I will have to start paying the utilities that are currently included in my rent.

          No biggie, as we knew these things when we came over here. My wife will be going back to work part time to get the CC debt paid off. But all that was planned before we came, so other than a few minor snags here and there the experience so far has been as anticipated.

          One thing to bear in mind for people considering the move is that if I remember correctly some of the events listed as being among high life stressors include Moving (check), new job (check),buy or selling a home (check) plus that doesn’t include the fact that moving to Hawaii is a major life event, it’s not like moving across town or across the state, your on this tiny little dot in the middle of the Pacific ocean and family and friends are not just a car ride away anymore. Also, in many respects this can be like moving to another country, with a different culture and customs.

          The point being don’t expect to make a move like this and not experience an increased amount of stress at least in the short term. If you plan for it you’ll be better able to deal with it.

          Also, it’s good to remember you have to adjust to Hawaii, Hawaii isn’t going to adjust to you, which can be difficult for some (read type A personalities here). Just something to bear in mind especially if your type A’s like my wife and I, (are/were?) We are trying to make that type A thing past tense, but still have a ways to go.


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            Re: Just moved to Hawaii - Got questions? I've got answers (Maybe)

            Hey owensct!

            Thanks for good script for moving to Hawaii! You are obvious IT person!
            We planning our move too. But in compare to you I have couple factors that hold me. One of them: I have good steady goverment job. I did'n find any good job on Hawaii yet. Rest is pretty similar - IT too, about same age, and same family situation ...
            Been on Hawaii couple time. Will be on Maui in October for research on spot and ... surfing, windsurfing....

            Good luck to you with your new life! Hawaii No Ka Oi!



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              Re: Just moved to Hawaii - Got questions? I've got answers (Maybe)

              Aloha Andrew,

              Thanks for the the thoughts we are enjoying it here, but are still trying to get sorted out. We justed entered escrow on our fourth and (God willing) final property. Once it closes and we've been in it a few months we'll have a better idea wha our true cost of living will be I'm looking forward to dreading it.

              Bt hey its Hawaii

              Surfs up and the waters warm


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                Re: Just moved to Hawaii - Got questions? I've got answers (Maybe)

                Aloha! Maybe you'll meet my friend Alana who also posts on here. She stay 'Ewa Beach side...