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Moving to Hawaii?

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  • Moving to Hawaii?

    I am moving to hawaii next year with my gf and best friend. I wonder if someone can help us with what jobs and business are available and the best places to look for them.

    Also I guess oahu being most populated is where everyone lives. Where are the nice neighbourhoods?


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    Re: Moving to Hawaii?

    Hi Jon,
    Your questions are probably the most frequently asked questions here on HT. If you use various keywords that are important to you, you can use HT's search feature. That should keep you busy reading for a long time!

    Be advised, tho', that our unemployment rate is rising as the plethora of layoffs is taking place. Scary times.

    And...welcome to HT.


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      Re: Moving to Hawaii?

      Aloha JonW,

      My wife and I just recently moved here, (Oahu) I have put some info up in my introduction that might be of help and get you started. Also, as was mentioned there is a lot of info on the board.

      You can do a search on my id owensct if you want and if you have any other questions that I can help with don't hesitate to ping me.