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  • Aloha all

    Just a quick howdy to all. I am new here and have been looking in on the forum for several years now and thought it was a great place with good people.

    I am constantly amazed at the honestly and helpness that folks display, hoping for some of that myself.

    I am taking the plunge and have accepted a position with State of Hawaii Dept of Human Services working with adoptions. So I will be scouring the forum for info on places to live, buying a car and so on.

    Since my wife is about two years away from retirement, I'll be moving over alone which will bring with it other issues, but we will survive.

    Anyway looking forward to being a part of the great culture that is Hawaii.

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    Re: Aloha all

    Hi, aloha, and welcome!
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      Re: Aloha all

      *waves at pakelika*

      aloha and welcome to the HT attentive at all times welcome welcome and welcome
      stay forever young


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        Re: Aloha all

        Aloha and welcome! I will be headed to the islands before too long myself. So glad you're here!


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          Re: Aloha all

          If you are working for DHS, find out where the office is.

          I worked for ADAD for a few years. It was first downtown, then later in Kapolei. (Second City,). This will determine where you want to find a place to live.

          I live in Kahalu`u, so commuting wasn't too bad either way. When ADAD was downtown, I took a bus. When they moved to Kapolei I hopped on the empty H-3 Freeway and went contra-flow to Kapolei in 30 minutes. 40 miles. (oops! Maybe I'm exaggerating?) - Maybe 60 minutes?, or maybe it was only 20 miles?

          Anyway, it was a cruise commute.

          What you DON'T want to do is commute between Hawaii Kai and town, or between Leeward (Nanakuli, Pearl City, Aiea, Waianae, etc.) and town. Rush hour traffic moves at 3 mph., and it's getting worse.

          Best bet is to live close to work, or on a busline, if you can find a decent place in those 2 areas. Oahu is VERY crowded: the "LA of the Pacific." And you have to plan for traffic in your calculations.

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            Re: Aloha all

            Aloha! Welcome to HT

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              Re: Aloha all

              Aloha! Hope your move goes well; welcome to the Islands and to HT!


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                Re: Aloha all

                Good advice...I am hoping for an start date and office location soon.



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                  Re: Aloha all

                  Aloha and welcome to Hawaii Threads!
                  Aloha Kakou, maluhia a me aloha mau loa (Hello everyone, peace and love forever)


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                    Re: Aloha all

                    Aloha and Welcome


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                      Re: Aloha all

                      Aloha mai! Welcome to HT! Sorry I haven't been here in a while, everybody. I come and go but still love it.